James O’Keefe Taunts Twitter CEO @Jack — FILMED HIM at Coffee Shop –VIDEO ON MONDAY!

Project Veritas set Twitter ablaze this week with back to back bombshell undercover videos exposing the social media giant for their ‘big brother’ practices and censorship of Trump supporters. 

On Friday, James O’Keefe put Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on notice.

O’Keefe has undercover video of Jack Dorsey.

“Monday morning we are releasing more shocking undercover video from Twitter engineers exposing how they take your private information, share it, exploit it and abuse it,” O’Keefe said.


“Jack Dorsey this message is for you,” O’Keefe said, taunting the CEO about Monday’s release.

O’Keefe went on to say he’s been watching Jack Dorsey as he gets his coffee every morning from a local coffee shop in San Francisco.

“A few times you may have interacted with some artists, homeless people or businessmen who may or may not have been some of our undercover journalists,” O’Keefe continued.

O’Keefe ends the teaser by telling Jack Dorsey to ‘take the weekend to thing about it’.


Early Wednesday morning, Project Veritas revealed Twitter is willing to hand over President Trump’s private messages to the Justice Department without a search warrant.

O’Keefe’s 2nd undercover video showed Twitter employees talking about how they target pro-Trump accounts by ‘shadowbanning’ them or hiding their content.

One Twitter engineer bragged about completely banning accounts simply because the Twitter users support President Trump.

Twitter also uses algorithms to ‘down rank’ sh*tty people so they don’t show up on timelines.

Twitter subsequently released statements denying they ‘shadowban’ accounts, however they did admit to ‘down ranking’ abusive accounts. Who decides what is abusive? Is supporting the American flag and the American president considered abusive?

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