VIRAL VIDEO: Bill Clinton Chats With New Yorker — Rolls Up Window When Asked “How’s Monica?”

In a video that is sure to go viral, Breaking 911 tweeted footage Thursday of a “New Yorker,” conversing with Bill Clinton.

The former President appears to be agreeing with everything the man says — until he asks “How’s Monica?” The question about Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern who Clinton had sexual relations with, prompted the former president to roll up his window immediately.

“You the best president, man,” the man begins, telling Clinton, “Trump gotta go.”

Clinton, who is seen smiling, saluting and giving the thumbs up, is seated in the back of a black GMC Suburban.

“Alright, have a nice day,” the man says, adding, “tell Hillary I say ‘what-up,’ Bill Clinton.”

“Best President alive.”

“How’s Monica?” the man then asks.

Clinton responded by rolling up his window.

“N*gga put the window up when I asked ‘How’s Monica?” laughed the man behind the camera.



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