Hawaii Nuclear Clusterfoxtrot Continued: EMA Incorrectly Tweets Will Hold Briefing on ‘Missile Launch’

Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency continues to act like a scary clown show following Saturday morning’s false ‘this is not a drill’ alert that a missile was headed to Hawaii that was sent to cellphones all over Hawaii and broadcast on TV and radio. The scary error was compounded by EMA’s failure to send out a correction until 38 minutes later. (A little noticed correction tweet was posted about twelve minutes after the alert was sent.)

EMA posted a tweet about a press conference to be held later on Saturday, “Press conference on missile launch at 1 pm today at the Emergency Operating Center. #hawaiiema”

The tweet was deleted after an embarrassed U.S. Senator for Hawaii, Brian Schatz, called out EMA and urged they delete the tweet, “Please delete this tweet. There was no missile launch. https://twitter.com/hawaii_ema/status/952287925777063936 …”


A screen grab was posted by Jack Posobiec.


The press conference by Governor David Ige is set for 6 p.m. EST, 1 p.m. HST.

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