Top Clinton Adviser Worried Millennials Will Vote Republican if They See Their Taxes Go Down (Video)

Philippe Reines, a longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton who worked with her in the Senate, the State Department and in her presidential campaign, spoke before interns to give his insights on the current political climate.

Then interview aired on CSPAN.

Reines told the students he was worried millennials might become Republican if they notice they don’t have to pay as much taxes.


Philippe Reines: I think millennials have to, they have to, they more than anyone have to say this is not normal and there is a lot of pressure to shut up(?) Donald Trump and his people want everyone to shut up. Get over the election. Hillary Clinton go away. That’s in their best interest. But that’s not how it works… I hope millennials don’t fall into a lull. God knows how many of them will see their taxes go down and base it just on that…

Yes. It would be awful if young millennials notice how much they get to keep of their toil and sweat with Republicans in office.

It makes it harder for the Democrat-Socialist lies to sink in.

Via Mike Cernovich:

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