Eric Bolling Reveals More About His Young Son’s Death

Eric Bolling’s only son, 19-year-old Eric Chase Bolling died in early September of 2016 in what was reported as an accidental drug overdose.

Eric Bolling and his wife Adrienne were devastated by the news and received tons of outpouring support from the public.

The news of Bolling’s son’s death came only a day after the former Fox News host was fired from the network for alleged sexual misconduct going back several years.

In October, Bolling tweeted, “Just received some tragic news from Coroner in Colorado. Eric Chase’s passing has been ruled an accidental overdose that included opioids”


Eric Bolling then tweeted out a picture of his son and said, “Adrienne and I thank you for your continued prayers and support. We must fight against this national epidemic, too many innocent victims.”

On Thursday, Eric Bolling tweeted, “Accidentally taking a Xanax laced with Fentanyl killed our son. “Bad batch” they called it. Take the time to have an open and honest conversation with your kids about this prolific killer. It may save a life.”

He then pleaded with parents to watch out for their children:

Prayers for Eric Bolling and his family.

Unfortunately tragic stories like Bolling’s are becoming more and more common; our country is suffering from an opioid epidemic.

First Lady Melania has committed to fighting the opioid crisis.

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