DEVELOPING=> White House Received the House Intel FISA Memo Last Night – Reviewing Document Now (Video)

The House Intelligence Committee voted Monday afternoon to release the committee’s classified FISA Memo.

The vote was along party lines.
Not a single Democrat voted for transparency.

The memo which was open to all House members to review was read by 190 Republican lawmakers and only 10 Democrats in the last week.

On Tuesday morning White House Legislative Director Marc Short went on with Stuart Varney to discuss the most recent developments on the secret FISA Memo.

Marc told Stuart the memo is at the White House and the administration is reviewing the document now.

Marc Short: Stuart I think the president sides on the side of transparency so I think if there were abuses he wants the American people to know it. But let me be clear that the president can do this in a responsible fashion. We only received the document last night. White House counsel began to review it last night. The National Security Council will be leading the inter-agency process here to make sure no secrets were divulged and no methods were divulged. And so it will done in a very responsible manner.

Via Varney and Co.:

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