Developing: Senate Judiciary Committee Discovers “Credible Evidence of a CRIME” Committed by Dossier Author Christopher Steele

On Friday, two GOP Senators asked the DOJ to open a criminal investigation into the author of the Russian dossier, former British spy, Christopher Steele.

Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent a letter to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray Friday demanding they investigate if Christopher Steele lied to federal authorities.

The letter is the first criminal referral from Congress; the DOJ, however, isn’t required to open an investigation in response.

It is now being reported by Paul Sperry of The New York post that the Senate Judiciary Committee has discovered “credible evidence of a CRIME” committed by Christopher Steele in his dealings with the FBI.

Former FBI Director Comey on left. Former British spy and dossier author Christopher Steel on right

Paul Sperry of The New York Post first ripped Robert Mueller.

“If Mueller knew Steele lied to the FBI & still used him as a source in his probe (he reportedly sent his team over to London for a dossier briefing) — like he ignored his senior investigators Strzok’s & Page’s anti-Trump bias –then Mueller’s judgment is even worse than imagined,” Sperry tweeted.

Sperry then dropped a bombshell!

“DEVELOPING: Senate Judiciary Committee has discovered “credible evidence of a CRIME” committed by dirty Hillary DOSSIER author Christopher STEELE in his dealings with the FBI … declassified memo detailing the alleged crime forthcoming …” Sperry tweeted.

The dossier contains explosive, but unverified, opposition research that alleges intel ties between Russia and Trump and also claims Russia holds sexual blackmail material over Trump.

One of the most outrageous unconfirmed allegations in the report says the Russians recorded Trump watching Russian prostitutes urinate on each other in a Moscow hotel room previously occupied by President and Mrs. Barack Obama.

The FBI most likely used this garbage dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s camp. A short recap of some of the claims in the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele:

** Obama has a meeting in Russia.
** Trump flies to Russia, finds out the hotel room Obama stayed in, and books it.
** Trump finds at least two hookers and invites them to Obama’s former hotel suite.
** Trump instructs the hookers to PISS ON THE BED because he hates Obama so much.
** Little did Trump know Putin had the entire room outfitted with video cameras.
** The Russian government now has video proof of Trump watching hookers PISS on a bed.
** Russian government tells Trump they will release the video if he does not run for president.
** Trump runs for president and against all odds and WINS the White House.

This story is developing. The Gateway Pundit will update with the declassified memo detailing the alleged crime as soon as we are able.

Paul Sperry is the former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Hoover Institution media fellow, author of several books, including bestseller INFILTRATION


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