Colleges Drop Unpopular, Preposterous “Fat Studies” Courses After Public Humiliation

At Oregon State University (OSU) this spring, professor Patti Lou Watkins is teaching a “Fat Studies” class to a grand total of three students.

Sadly for Watkins, time might be running out for her “social justice” class on “weight-based oppression,” as other colleges around the country with similar programs are….cutting the fat.

Along with Oregon State University (OSU), in the past two years Tufts University, Dickinson College, Willamette College, the University of Maryland-College Park, and Portland State University have all offered a “fat studies” course.

Leaving aside the highly dubious academic value of such classes, the ridicule colleges have faced combined with the unpopularity of the subject has led to all but two of these universities cutting the classes.

It turns out “Fat Studies” was a lot of dead weight, even for colleges like Portland State.

For now, the gravy train continues at Dickinson and OSU, where professors like Watkins continue to teach ideas like “fatness as a social construct.”

Unsurpisingly, Watkins is a self-described feminist.

Academic “feminists” like Watkins, such as those in the Bradley University Women’s Studies Department, have actually encouraged obese and overweight students to remain obese or overweight, because the risks of dieting could be ‘dangerous’ and result in ‘increased risk of death’.


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