Wow! Chris Wallace: White House Communications Team ‘Urged All Senior Advisers’ to Speak with Author Michael Wolff (Video)

Chris Wallace went on FOX News on Thursday to discuss Steve Bannon remarks on President Trump and the First Family in the explosive and controversial book by Michael Wolff Fire and Fury.

The book is a collection of fictional accounts of the Trump Administration.

Chris Wallace, never a staunch Trump suporter, said the White House Communications Team told the entire staff to speak with Michael Wolff.


Chris Wallace: I was talking to a former senior administration official, White House official, he had, Michael Wolff did, almost free access in the White House. He was repeatedly invited in. The communications team in the White House urged all of the senior advisers to cooperate. They thought this was going to be a positive book for the president. And you can argue whether it’s accurate or not or whether the quotes exist or not. We’ll find out about that… But the fact that he was in the White House. This was with the approval of the president.

What a mistake.
Michael Wolff does not have a reputation of being a big Trump supporter.
Why would they trust any prominent journalist in today’s media culture?

It was as if Never-Trumpers in the White House set the administration up for a fall.

More… And Trump’s attorneys sent a letter to Wolff demanding a “cease and desist” of the new book.

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