Adam Schiff Goes Into Overdrive – Attacks POTUS Trump For Wanting the FISA Memo Released to Public

Last week, the House Intelligence Committee quietly voted to make available to fellow House members “a memo documenting abuse of the FISA program,” reports Fox News’ Chad Pergram.

News of the FISA memo spread like wildfire on social media. Trump supporters pushed a #ReleaseTheMemo campaign after GOP Reps came forward demanding the document be released to the American public. Schiff even blamed ‘Russian bots’ for pushing the campaign.

Ranking member of the House Intel Committee and suspected leaker, Adam Schiff (D-CA) is desperate to keep this FISA memo under wraps as he is at the center of covering up the FISA abuse that took place under the Obama administration.

Schiff fiercely worked to block Chairman Nunes from exposing the illegal unmasking and FISA abuse that took place during the 2016 presidential election, hitting him with a bogus ethics probe for 8 months.


Time is up; the FISA memo is going to be released to the public any day now and Adam Schiff is in overdrive as panic sets in he is about to be exposed for his corruption.

President Trump supports transparency therefore he wants the FISA memo released to the public.

On Saturday, Schiff tweeted out a Washington Post article titled, ‘Trump sought release of classified Russia memo, putting him at odds with Justice Department‘.

The Washington Post claims Trump is at odds with his own Justice Department in his desire to release the FISA memo to the public:

On Wednesday, as Republicans were clamoring to make public a secret document they think will undercut the investigation into Russian meddling, President Trump made clear his desire: Release the memo.

Trump’s directive was at odds with his own Justice Department, which had warned that releasing the classified memo written by congressional Republicans would be “extraordinarily reckless” without an official review. Nevertheless, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly relayed the president’s view to Attorney General Jeff Sessions — although the decision to release the document ultimately lies with Congress.

Schiff is in full blown panic mode, tweeting out the WaPo fake news hit piece, he said, “It comes as no surprise that @POTUS would place his own interests ahead of the country. But it is tragic that so many Republican Members of Congress would choose to help him do so.”

The truth is the American public has a right to know what the dirty Democrats and Deep State did to install Hillary Clinton as the 45th president of the United States. The top brass of the FBI and DOJ are beyond corrupt and this FISA memo will expose every last one of them.

It is in America’s interests to have this FISA memo released. It is in the Deep State’s interest to keep it under wraps.

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