Vanity Fair Brutally Trashes Hillary Clinton in New Year’s Resolutions Video; Urges Find New Hobbies Like Knitting to Keep From Running in 2020

Vanity Fair has caused a total holiday season meltdown by Hillary supporters with the posting of a brutally smug mocking video of Millenial VF staffers urging Hillary Clinton to make New Year’s resolutions to not run for the presidency in 2020.

The video was posted to Twitter on Saturday, December 23 and received little attention over the long Christmas holiday weekend. The video found its audience the day after Christmas and boy are Hillary supporters venomously angry!

The Vanity Fair video is captioned, “Six New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton; Vanity Fair’s Hive editors make six New Year’s resolutions for Hillary Clinton in 2018.”

The video features six male/female/? staffers speaking alone while holding a glass of champagne as they smugly suggest to Hillary New Year’s resolutions for her to make.

1: “It’s time to start working on your sequel to your book What Happened: What the Hell Happened?.”

2: “Get someone on your tech staff to disable autofill on your iPhone so that typing in “F” doesn’t become “Form Exploratory Committee for 2020″.”

3: “You know on Anderson Cooper you were telling him about alternate nostril breathing? You seem really adept. You should try teaching a class.”

4: “Take more photos in the woods. How else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers?”

5: “Take up a new hobby in the new year. Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy, literally anything that’ll keep you from running again.”

6: “To finally put away your James Comey voodoo doll. Now we all know you think that James Comey cost you the election–and he might have–but so did a handful of other things. It’s a year later and time to move on.”

The video closes with three of the staffers speaking solo to Hillary, “So cheers to you Hillary Clinton.” “Cheers to you, Hillary.” “Cheers to you, Hillary.”

A sample of the reaction from Hillary supporters:

A #CancelVanityFair hashtag campaign was started.

A former Hillary staffer:

The hate was strong in the liberal Blue Check Mark crowd:

Hillary sycophant Peter Daou blew a gasket.

One Hillary supporter posted a classy retort:

The funny thing is one clicks through to Vanity Fair’s The Hive, it is all Trump hatred with headlines like, “WILL 2018 BE THE END OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY? Assessing the odds of impeachment, resignation, electoral annihilation, and nuclear armageddon in the New Year.

Vanity Fair also posted a New Year’s resolutions video for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that is mild by comparison and has garnered no attention.

VF also posted one for Gary Cohn, chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump and Director of the National Economic Council. This video also went nowhere.

Happy New Year!

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