Unhinged Buzzfeed Editor Attacks The Gateway Pundit Over Coverage of Islamist Terror Attack in New York

Buzzfeed’s Deputy Global News Editor Ryan Broderick attacked The Gateway Pundit for accurately reporting on the Islamist terror attack in New York City Monday morning. The bomb exploded prematurely, wounding the bomber, an ISIS inspired immigrant from Bangladesh, and three victims.

Ryan Roderick, image via Twitter avatar.

Within minutes of reports of the explosion at the Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square around 7:30 a.m. EST, Broderick was tracking and posting the reaction by “the far right.” Broderick painted his reports in conspiratorial tones with the statement, “The far-right is beginning to activate over the reports of an explosion in NYC.”


“The far-right is beginning to activate…”

Broderick’s attacks on The Gateway Pundit were promoted by Buzzfeed, “Follow @broderick who is tracking the misleading information already being shared after an explosion in NYC this morning”

The Buzzfeed tweet linked to this Broderick tweet attacking The Gateway Pundit.

After noting people on Reddit and 4Chan (like everyone else who pays attention to the news and politics) were discussing the reports of the explosion in New York, Broderick singled out The Gateway Pundit, “The first far-right publisher has posted their NYC explosion story”

Broderick continued with his conspiracy posts, smearing The Gateway Pundit as a tool of the “right-wing MSM” “The far-right activated in direct response to right-wing MSM. Top Reddit comment sources Daily Mail. And the Reddit live stub is all Fox streams. 4chan are watching local Fox streams. And Gateway Pundit’s post is a Fox News rewrite.”

Broderick then attacked The Gateway Pundit for retweeting a report by former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton that the bomber was from Bangladesh and was inspired by Isis, “Both @gatewaypundit and @Lauren_Southern now pushing unconfirmed reports that NYC attacker was Muslim”. (Bratton made the comments on MSNBC)

So according to Broderick, The Gateway Pundit accurately reporting on a terror attack and retweeting a comment by a respected informed former NYPD commissioner is evidence of something bad or something worse because “far-right activated”.

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