*Ugh* Alabama GOP Senator Joins with Democrats – Tells CNN He Did Not Vote for Roy Moore (VIDEO)

With Friends like the Senator Shelby Who Needs Enemies?

Senator Richard Shelby went on CNN on Sunday morning to announce he did not vote for Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama senate special election.

Shelby made these comments 40 hours before the special election.

Shelby wants the ultra-left Democrat Doug Jones to win in Alabama.

This is how Republican elites think. They would rather turn over the country to liberal elites and their 100 years of failed policy than vote for an embattled Republican.

On Friday Moore accuser Beverly Nelson admitted on national television that she tampered with Roy Moore’s signature in her yearbook.

This didn’t stop Senator Shelby from piling on Judge Moore.

Senator Richard Shelby: “I want to reiterate again: I didn’t vote for Roy Moore, I wouldn’t vote for Roy Moore, I think the Republican Party can do better,

It’s not clear who many of these Republicans think they represent?

Shelby went on with Jake Tapper on Sunday.

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