Tom Fitton Proven Right *Again* After Sessions DOJ Refuses to Reveal Details on “King” Mueller’s Ethics Waiver

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton blasted “King” Robert Mueller following reports of the Sessions Justice Department refusing to reveal details on the special counsel’s ethics waiver. Approval of the waiver paved the way for Mueller to lead the ‘Russia interference’ investigation. 

POLITICO reports:

In response to a POLITICO Freedom of Information Act request, the agency released a one-sentence memo Friday confirming that Mueller was granted a conflict-of-interest waiver in order to assume the politically-sensitive post.

The waiver is believed to relate to Mueller’s work in recent years as a partner at the WilmerHale law firm, which also represented former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, as well as White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is also President Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

However, the document signed by Justice’s top career official, Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools, provides no detail at all of the grounds for the waiver. In fact, it’s so vague that it doesn’t even convey why anyone would think Mueller needed such a release.

Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis told POLITICO, “I think it’s strange they’re not providing the reasoning,”


“I don’t understand why they wouldn’t share it, especially given the current sensitivity of the issue and the way members of Congress are politically trying to undermine this investigation … Since the whole point of this regulation is to ensure public confidence in Mueller’s impartiality, the Justice Department’s refusal to provide its reason — I’m not saying they can’t do it legally — but it seems inconsistent with the purpose of the regulation,” added Clark.

“King Mueller once again protected by DOJ on ethics issues,” tweeted Fitton.

Fitton has accused the Sessions Justice Department of protecting swamp creatures of all stripes. In September, the Judicial Watch boss released a powerful statement following reports that Lois Lerner would not be charged in the IRS scandal.

“I have zero confidence that the Justice Department did an adequate review of the IRS scandal. In fact, we’re still fighting the Justice Department and the IRS for records about this very scandal. Today’s decision comes as no surprise considering that the FBI collaborated with the IRS and is unlikely to investigate or prosecute itself. President Trump should order a complete review of the whole issue. Meanwhile, we await accountability for IRS Commissioner Koskinen, who still serves and should be drummed out of office,” said Fitton.

When Sessions not only acknowledged his predecessor Loretta Lynch used an email alias, but defended the practice in November, Fitton threatened to “follow up as appropriate in our litigation.”

Time and time again, Fitton has been proven right.

The time has come to hold the Sessions Justice Department accountable.

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