TOM FITTON: Why The Mueller Investigation Is “Irredeemably Compromised” (AUDIO)

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton joined Breitbart News Radio Thursday, breaking down why he believes special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation “irredeemably compromised.”

Breitbart News reports:

On December 24, even the Washington Post saw fit to note some of the troubling developments regarding the investigation, including its personnel.

Fitton said, “You’ve got these anti-Trumper activists at the heart of Mueller’s investigation, and I think, in a way, Mueller’s subsequent cover-up and keeping this gentleman on, who was sending these emails and is pro-Hillary Clinton, keeping these partisans on has irredeemably compromised him and his investigation, irredeemably compromised it.”

Fitton was referencing Andrew Weisman, who is considered “a key prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s team.” Weisman is also the Department of Justice official who praised acting Attorney General Sally Yates for not defending President Trump’s travel ban and reportedly attended Hillary Clinton’s Election Night celebration that was not to be.

Audio credit: Breitbart News Radio


Not only does Fitton contend Mueller’s probe is “irredeemably compromised,” but the Judicial Watch president believes the special counsel’s resignation may be imminent.

“I am increasingly convinced that Mr. Mueller will resign,” Fitton tweeted recently.

Fitton has been one of Mueller’s most outspoken critics, periodically calling on the special counsel to end the Russia probe.

“Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, and James Comey improperly targeted General Flynn. And Mueller got him. Deep State victory.  should consider a pardon. The Mueller special counsel continues to be unconstitutional and out of control. Shut it down,” Fitton tweeted.

Tom Fitton also tweeted, “Mortgage fraud, Turkey, lying to Yates-Comey FBI about legal post-election Russia contacts? Still waiting for Mr. Mueller to tell us about what he was hired to do–investigate any alleged  collusion with the Russians to rig election. Out of control. Shut it down.”

Fitton’s comments come amid reports Mueller is now investigating the Republican National Committee’s joint data sharing agreement with the Trump campaign.

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