Matt Drudge Slams Barack Obama in Very Rare Tweet

Matt Drudge, founder of the highly influential Drudge Report sent out a very rare tweet slamming  Barack Obama for traveling overseas to meet with foreign leaders to push climate change junk science.

Matt Drudge admittedly despises social media so when he sends out a tweet, people take notice.

As previously reported, failed former President Barack Obama traveled overseas this week and slammed President Trump for tossing out the global warming junk science.

Maybe it’s finally time to prosecute someone for violations of the Logan Act, many people said angrily.

And Matt Drudge had the same idea…
Matt Drudge tweeted out an Independent article title, ‘Obama to meet world leaders in India and China weeks after Trump’s visit’ with a caption, “Is citizen Obama violating the “Logan act” when he lobbies foreign governments and world leaders against America’s current foreign policy?” Drudge tweeted. (screenshot below because Matt Drudge deletes his tweets).

Obama was the most corrupt president this country has ever seen. He made Bill Clinton’s scandals look like child’s play. He continues to break laws and undermines President Trump with his shadow government.

If the laws applied to our crooked politicians, Obama would have been locked up long ago along with Hillary et al.

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