James Woods Absolutely Destroys Cryin’ Chuck Schumer Over Trump Tax Bill

The Democrats lost their collective minds Friday night when President Trump’s tax bill passed the Senate.

Cryin Chuck Schumer came unhinged Friday night as did Nancy Pelosi after he realized the Senate Republicans were going to pass Trump’s tax bill. That’s right Schumer, you have no power. The adults are in charge so take a seat.

Schumer tweeted:


“Tonight, I feel mostly regret at what could have been. Tax reform is an issue that is ripe for bipartisan compromise. There is a sincere desire on this side of the aisle to work with the GOP, particularly on tax reform, but we have been rebuffed, time & time again.”

Patriotic actor James Woods utterly destroyed Chuck Schumer.

Woods tweeted in response to Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, “Your party took 8 years and their signature economic achievement was . Sit down and be quiet. is rolling over you like a Sherman Tank.

BOOM! This is why we LOVE James Woods!


As previously reported, after months of work and last minute alterations, the US Senate passed President Trump’s tax cuts in a vote of 51 – 49. No Democrats voted for the bill. President Trump noted earlier this week, Democrats only want to increase taxes on working Americans.

The economy is already on fire – with these tax cuts the American economy will explode!

Winning, Winning, Winning, Record Setting!

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