Hah-Hah! CNN: Don Trump Jr. Tweeting Out Gateway Pundit Wikileaks Story Is Proof of Links to Russia… or Something (Video)

Thank you President Donald J Trump!

There’s not a day that goes by where we don’t get to laugh our butts off watching the collapse of the mainstream liberal media.

As you may well know at this point —

On Friday CNN reported that Candidate Donald Trump received an email warning that linked to “unreleased” Wikileaks documents on Crooked Hillary Clinton back in 2016. After a couple hours CNN had to clean up their mess since the email was sent out to Candidate Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. days after Wikileaks already published the emails.

On Saturday morning President Trump hit CNN hard over their latest error.

For some reason The Gateway Pundit made it into the CNN conspiracy.

(We’re still trying to figure this out.)

Wolf Blitzer discussed a tweet by The Gateway Pundit posted in September 2016 in his report as proof that Putin operatives were communicating with Donald Trump Jr.


It looks like Wolf was fed the fake news from Think Progress – the sister site to Media Matters.

For some reason they think this is proof of Russian collusion — until they discovered that this tweet was posted after Wikileaks already published the Hillary emails.

The far left looks more and more like a clown show everyday.

Here’s the video:

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