Chinese University Video Instructs Women to Talk Less and Do More Housework …And Obey Their Man

In the “female morality class,” women were told to talk less, obey men and do more housework. (NDTV)

A viral video posted on China’s internet women are instructed to talk less, obey their man and do more housework.

For some reason the professor behind the speech is receiving enormous backlash.
The Asian Correspondent reported:


CHINESE women are disfavoured at birth compared to boys (the country has one of the lowest female-to-male sex ratios at birth in the world) and stigmatised as “sexless” spinsters if they choose to earn a PhD.

Now, a viral video has surfaced on China’s Internet, of a class that teaches its students that “women should talk less, do more housework and shut their mouths”, according to an AFP report.

The teacher in the class in the northeastern province of Liaoning, also told students that “women should not strive to move upwards in society, but should always remain at the bottom level”.

The class has reportedly been immediately halted by the authorities following the backlash from angry netizens watching the video. The class had apparently been launched without approval by education authorities in Fushun, according to Xinhua news agency.

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