2 Months After The Las Vegas Shooting And Still Virtually Nothing Is Known

Two months after the deadliest mass-shooting in U.S. history and virtually nothing is known about the shooter’s motives…

One month ago, I called for the Las Vegas massacre not to simply fade away amidst a revolving news cycle and urged public questioning toward the official narrative – or lack thereof. About the only thing we know for certain is that gunfire first started firing on the Route 91 music festival crowd at about 10:05 p.m. but what happened just moments before is still unknown.

Police reported security guard Jesus Campos came under fire sometime after the mass shooting… but two weeks later, authorities reclaimed the narrative and instead claimed Campos was instead shot sometime within 40 seconds of when the mass shooting started. The change in the official narrative was brow-raising, to say the least.

No comprehensive list of the weapons gunman Stephen Paddock used has been released, nor any surveillance video showing Paddock inside the casino…

Compare that to the robbery of the Bellagio in Las Vegas that happened last week… the casino was robbed on Tuesday and surveillance video of the suspect was released on Thursday. It only took them two days to release video of this suspect but – in Paddock’s case – we’re two months later with nothing of the sort.

4,000 unused rounds were found in Paddock’s hotel room but no footage of him entering the property, bringing the bags of guns and ammo up to his room with a bellhop, or even gambling in the casino seemingly exists…

As we pointed out previously:

In just the span of a month, 4 survivors of the Vegas shooting have died… both Kymberley Suchomel and Danny Contreras both publicly claimed there were multiple gunmen the night of the mass shooting. Dennis and Lorraine Carver died after their Mercedes smashed into a metal gate and exploded into flames.

Yet another survivor of the Las Vegas massacre has died. In mid-November, Roy McClellan, 52, was killed in a hit-and-run. With so many survivors of the massacre dying in such a short period of time, something plainly stinks. 

2 months later and here we are – with exactly what we had immediately in the aftermath of the shooting: nothing. No answers, no coverage, no questions… nothing. With how drastically the Las Vegas massacre was scrubbed from public consciousness, that alone should tell you something extremely fishy is covering the case… We may never know any of the true answers behind the horrific mass-shooting.


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