Las Vegas Sheriff: Stephen Paddock’s Girlfriend May Be Hiding Something

It has been over one month since the largest mass shooting in modern US history.

On October 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock unloaded his weapons on a country music festival from his room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

58 people were killed and 546 others were injured.

Police have still not explained his motive for the shooting. Multiple timeline changes. Mystery surrounding the security guard who was shot. The killer’s hard drive went missing. The hotel has not released any footage of the killer.  It goes on and on…

Police also announced 30 days after the shooting that an officer discharged his gun in the room the night of the shooting.


Now this…

Sheriff Lombardo is now suggesting Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who is still a person of interest is hiding something.

Fox News reported:

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, in his first TV appearance in nearly three weeks, told KLAS that investigators he’s spoken to believe this assessment is accurate. But he added that something appears to be off about the manner in which Paddock amassed his arsenal of weapons.

“There is a lot of people that have hundreds and hundreds of guns, but for this individual to do it at a certain point in time and to do it all with such robust action, you would think that Ms. Danley would have some information associated with that,” he said. “But currently we haven’t been able to pull that out of her, if it’s in her.”

Lombardo added that Danley will be interviewed again this week and he suggested she could have prevented the massacre, which left 58 dead and hundreds injured.
Lombardo also said that Marilou Danley will be interviewed again this week.
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