Twitter Allowed Trump Assassination Threat by Blue Checkmark Journo Crissy Milazzo to Stay Up for Three Months

“kill donald trump aaaayyye kill donald trump” As Twitter cracks down on the granting of the site’s ‘verified’ blue check mark to conservatives–including now monitoring their activities and associates in the offline world–an assassination threat against President Donald Trump by liberal blue check mark freelance writer Crissy Milazzo has been allowed to stay on Twitter for the past three months since it was posted on August 25.

Crissy Milazzo, LinkedIn avatar.

Milazzo most recently wrote for Conde Nast publications according to her LinkedIn page: “Writer Condé Nast October 2016 – January 2017 (4 months)Greater Los Angeles Area As a social news desk writer, I aggregated trending news stories for Condé Nast brands like Teen Vogue, Allure, Traveler and more.” Milazzo previously worked for Viacom and New York Magazine. Link to Teen Vogue articles by Milazzo.

As this article was being written, Milazzo took her Twitter account private Monday afternoon and the tweet was deleted.

Screen images were made.

Apparently Twitter’s algorithms are programmed to allow Trump assassination threats by liberal blue check mark journalists.

UPDATE: Conservative journalist and activist Laura Loomer, whose ‘verified’ status was recently revoked by Twitter, reported she contacted the Secret Service to investigate both Milazzo and Twitter.

“I just got off the phone with a @SecretService agent who told me they will be investigating @crissymilazzo’s tweet about killing @realDonaldTrump. I told them they should also investigate @jack for allowing verified threats like this on @Twitter. They said they will contact him.”

“The agent was really nice and told me they will investigate @crissymilazzo as well as @jack since under twitter’s new verification rules, verification is a sign of twitter’s endorsement. The secret service agent agreed with me that twitter is an echo chamber for violent liberals.”

Twitter’s tolerance of assassination threats against President Trump must end.

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