MSNBC Hack Tells Fellow ‘Journalists’ to “Tone it the F*ck Down” on Trump

The liberal mainstream media cannot be trusted.

Americans today know they the liberal media is the radicalized arm of the DNC.

They work together, plot together, dine together, intermarry and vacation together.

At least 65 liberal mainstream reporters were meeting with or corrordinated offline with the Hillary campaign.

Their life has one purpose- to promote the Progressive agenda.


And trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low.

MSNBC hack Katie Tur told a “Recode Decode” this week that journalists need to “tone the f*ck down” on Trump.
The Daily Caller reported:

MSNBC’s Katy Tur recently said that journalists covering President Donald Trump need to reign back some of their criticisms because it renders a lot of analysis ineffectual.

“Everyone needs to tone it the F down, just tone it down,” Tur said on an episode of “Recode Decode” published Wednesday. “Bring down the volume. If we’re all loud about everything, nothing penetrates.”

In an apparent appeal to her fellow colleagues, the journalist expressed that news coverage shouldn’t just be about peppering Trump with condemnation through intensive fault-finding.

“We’re all facing big dangers when it comes to our sovereignty, our elections, our democratic process,” she said. “We have a foreign power that’s trying to manipulate us. We need to focus on that, that is a huge story. You can’t let that keep happening.”

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