Mook Spooked=> After DNC Caught Rigging Election Hillary Campaign Mgr. Says “We’ve Got to Move Beyond 2016” (Video)

It was rigged.

The DNC Primary was completely rigged — And Democrats got caught.

The Democrat Party not only cheated to help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 debates, the liberal party also signed a contract with her campaign manager giving the Hillary Clinton campaign complete control over the party in August 2015.

Bernie Sanders never had a chance.

The DNC was working hand-in-hand with Hillary Clinton to win primary.
It was rigged before it started.

** Here is a copy of the full pdf agreement posted earlier Saturday via MSNBC.

DNCMemo- Hillary Clinton Camp Given Control Over Party in August 2015 by Jim Hoft on Scribd


Now that the world knows the DNC totally rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton her former campaign manager, Robbie Mook, says its’s time to move on.

Robbie Mook: “I think it’s dangerous to say this contest was rigged for the following reason… We’ve got to move beyond 2016.”

Of course, this only pertains to the Democratic primary. Mook and Democrats still want the witch hunt against President Donald Trump to proceed.

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