JOHN PODESTA CRACKS: Russian Trolls Are Responsible For Disinformation Campaign on Podesta Group

John Podesta is cracking!

Because of Tucker Carlson’s bombshell report revealing the Podesta Group is a central figure in Mueller’s investigation, Tony Podesta resigned from the lobbying firm. In fact, Tony Podesta was so upset his corruption was being exposed, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ was sent a cease and desist letter from a lawyer representing him.

Tony Podesta’s crooked brother John Podesta, who is Hillary’s former campaign chairman also had a meltdown on Twitter after President Trump lashed out at the crooked Podesta group.

But it’s just Russian trolls on Twitter…


John Podesta shared a ridiculous article from Mother Jones titled ‘Here’s What Russian Trolls Are Promoting Today’.

According to this article, it is Russian trolls who are promoting a disinformation campaign on the Podestas and the Podesta Group. Here’s an excerpt from the Mother Jones article John Podesta posted to his Twitter account.

The Russians really like Tucker Carlson! They’re also really into Tony Podesta, on the usual right-wing assumption that flinging mud at Tony will tarnish everyone else named Podesta too.

Will it work? The Republican/Russian disinformation campaign is so obviously kindergarten level that I have high hopes the media will basically ignore it. There’s nothing to be done about the quarter of American that gets their news exclusively from Donald Trump and Fox News, but the rest of the country will mostly follow the media’s lead about what’s important and what’s not. Here’s hoping they act responsibly this time around.

According to the mentally deranged liberals, everyone on social media who supports President Trump and or exposes the criminal cabal of the Clintons, Podestas, Obamas et al are Russian trolls.

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