James O’Keefe Defiant After Media Outrage — Drops Freshly Leaked Washington Post Email From Inside Source

Following Monday’s outrage over Project Veritas and the Washington Post’s double sting, guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe is more motivated than ever to take down the mainstream media. 

In a tweet Monday evening, O’Keefe remained defiant, warning the Washington Post he has the goods on the paper.

“Been fighting since Rutgers. There is always another vid and high level resignation around the corner. Always. @Project_Veritas doesn’t give up and doesn’t stop. I don’t fear being hated by the media. It’s a sign of respect. We have u/cs embedded all over. More WaPo vid coming!,” tweeted O’Keefe.

On Tuesday, O’Keefe tweeted an email sent by the Washington Post’s deputy managing editor Tracy Grant to the paper’s entire newsroom, notifying reporters of a policy change in respect to visitation.

“Beginning immediately, all requests to bring groups into the newsroom — whether students, visiting journalists, representatives of governments or other groups — must be cleared with me. Even for approved groups, we may limit where they can go and the use of still or video cameras,” wrote Grant.

Flaunting that he still has sources at the Washington Post, O’Keefe tweeted, “Email inside @washingtonpost obtained by @Project_Veritasshows WaPo newsroom on red alert for . More video inside dropping this week.”

In a follow-up tweet with the same email, O’Keefe asked, “How did we obtain this email? Project Veritas has sources inside the Washington Post, and there are more videos coming out from inside their newsroom this week.”

As always, The Gateway Pundit, will offer in-depth coverage of Project Veritas’ next drop.

Stay tuned.

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