HERO! Meet The Sharpshooting Plumber Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Devin Kelley

Texas church shooter Devin Kelley was stopped by 55-year-old Stephen Willeford, a sharpshooting plumber from Sutherland Springs, Texas. 

Photo credit: Breitbart News via Facebook

During the shootout, Willeford managed to snipe a part of Kelley that was unprotected by the killer’s body armor. Willeford doesn’t have any military experience.

Breitbart News reports:


According to an eyewitness interviewed by KENS 5, Willeford stopped the gunman by firing at him with his own rifle from outside the church, then by pursuing him afterwards:

Our neighbor, he’s a very good guy, a very big Christian, he’s the nicest man on the planet, he’ll do anything for anyone around here. We’ve known him for years. He’s childhood friends with my dad. He … came with his [gun], and he took cover behind a car, and he shot the guy, I’m not sure if it was inside the church or the guy was coming out, but if it wasn’t for him, the guy wouldn’t have stopped. And then that’s when the guy got in his vehicle and drove off. And our friend shot through the window at him, trying to get him again, and then he apparently crashed down the road.

Willeford was the “local member of the community,” who flagged down Johnnie Langendorff after the shooting. The two chased Kelley in Langendorff’s truck.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Johnnie Langendorff was driving by the scene of the Sutherland Springs Church shooting when he witnessed shooter Devin Patrick Kelley exchanging gunfire with another man. After Kelley fled the scene, Langendorff and the man chased after the killer in his truck.

“The neighbor with the rifle came to my truck and he opened my door and said, “He shot up the church”, and got in, Langendorff told Good Morning America on Monday.

“He said, “Chase him” so that’s what I did. I just chase him.”

“It seemed everybody had headed up to the church. I’m not sure if anybody really realized that he had left and gone that direction,” added  Langendorf.

After Kelley lost control of his vehicle, the man jumped out of Langendorf’s truck and pointed his rifle at the killer until police arrived on scene.

Below is Langendorff describing the ordeal to ABC 12.

Video credit: College News Network

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