Hah-Hah! Tucker Carlson LAUGHS OUT LOUD at Donna Brazile’s Lame Excuse for Cheating for Hillary in Primary (VIDEO)

Former Democrat Party Chair Donna Brazile joined Tucker Carlson Wednesday to discuss her new book, “Hacks,” where Brazile lifts the lid on the Hillary Clinton campaign disaster.

During their discussion Tucker asked about the CNN debate questions Brazile admitted to leaking to candidate Hillary Clinton. Brazile admitted to forwarding the town hall questions to the Hillary campaign in advance of a CNN town hall.

On Wednesday Donna Brazile used this excuse for cheating:


“I made sure Tucker our candidates, I didn’t want them blindsided. That’s what I admitted to.”

Tucker started laughing uncontrollably!

Tucker Carlson responded: “That’s the GREATEST SPIN I’VE EVER HEARD!”

This was too funny.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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