Former Twitter Employee Reveals How Easy POTUS Trump’s Account Was Deactivated

As previously reported, President Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated on Thursday afternoon for 11 minutes.
A search for @realDonaldTrump was not yielding the President’s account.

The Gateway Pundit’s Josh Caplan first reported:

After 11 minutes, Trump’s account was restored.

Shortly after Trump’s account was restored, Twitter sent out a statement claiming they would look into the incident.


It turns out a rogue Twitter employee purposefully deactivated President Trump’s account!

How did this happen? A former senior Twitter employee told Buzzfeed that a lot of employees have the authority to suspend and deactivate account with ease–literally with ONE CLICK.

Twitter is fully aware that suspension permissions were being abused and did not change the protocol.

Via Buzzfeed:

A former senior employee told BuzzFeed News that “a lot” of employees have the ability to suspend a user’s account and that fewer, in the hundreds, can deactivate one. The former employee described the system like a dashboard, meaning employees might not need engineering skills to suspend or deactivate an account.

“It’s one click if you have the rights to access the tool,” the person said.

The source noted that Twitter was aware that its suspension permissions could be abused but did not change its protocol.

“There was discussion that for verified accounts or high profile ones, there’d be special protections (i.e. “2 keys”) but it was never implemented,” the person said.

Conservatives are routinely suspended from Twitter without explanation. Roger Stone was permanently banned from the platform a few days ago for ‘abuse’ yet liberal cranks like Keith Olbermann can tweet “F*** YOU” to the president over and over again without suspension.

Social media platforms are run by far-left lunatics seeking to silence conservatives. It is time to break up these social media tech giants and let the information flow freely.

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