Former Secret Service Agent Who Worked For Hillary DESTROYS Her ‘She Deceives With Ease and Skill’

Former Secret Service agent who worked for Hillary, Dan Bongino came out swinging this week and destroyed Clinton in a viral tweet.

Bongino has firsthand experience with Hillary and often slams her as a liar and a fraud.

“I worked for Hillary. She’s the most inauthentic human being, holding a position of prominence, that I’ve ever met. It’s not just that she lies and deceives, it’s that she does it with such ease and skill. Caveat emptor.” Bongino tweeted.


Bongino isn’t the only secret service agent who feels this way about Hillary. Others have come forward with their horror stories of how poorly Hillary treated secret service and other White House staff.

Former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne authored a book titled Crisis of Character where he reveals how dangerous Hillary Clinton really is. He claims Hillary had an explosive temper and often screamed at terrified staffers.

Thank God Hillary lost the presidential election in 2016. The next step is for her to be investigated and prosecuted for her life of crimes.

Paging AG Sessions!

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