Very #FakeNews CNN Caught Editing Video to Make Trump Look Like a Feckless Boor in Japan (VIDEO)

The liberal Trump-hating mainstream media is pushing more #FakeNews on Donald Trump today during his historic trip to Asia.

They want so desperately to paint the US president as some kind of rude American jerk.
And they won’t stop at anything to push their agenda.

Trump and Prime Minister Abe took time out to feed the koi in Japan.
President Trump dumped his box of fish food in the pond.


The media even tried to turn this moment into a Trump-bashing incident.

CNN claimed Trump got impatient and dumped his box into the pond.

They cropped in on the president for the shot.

This is CNN:

But President Trump actually was following Japanese Prime Minister Abe in dumping his box into the pond.

IOTW Report has the full video:

The liberal media will stop at nothing to trash President Donald Trump.

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