Ever Wonder What Liberal Trolls Look Like? The Proud Boys Decided to Find Out

Have you ever wondered what those liberal trolls that stalk conservative posts look like? The Proud Boys’ Alex Caprio put together a collection of salty trolls for us all to enjoy.

From Alex Caprio’s “Actual Photos of People Who Hate the Proud Boys and the Comments They Left”:

Jim Goad once told me “people will try to hurt you with what’s going to hurt them.” Very solid advice. He also has warned about the Left’s use of projection in their arguments. In case you don’t know, when you use projection, you’re passively exposing yourself to your opponents. A smart mind can pick up on your weakness instantly.

On November 2, NBC put out a story about Proud Boys. Since they didn’t call us “Nazis” or “Fascist” the left had a collective temper tantrum. NBC also posted the story on their Facebook. And the comments have been my equivalent of a nice cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on a Christmas morning. NBC, without their knowledge, set up a nice trap FOR US! Their unwitting followers all fell head first into our dank pit via their comments.

Here is a gallery of the best ones, SO FAR. I’ve decided to not blur out anyone’s name because they deserve the same amount respect they’re showing us.



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