Disgrace: Colin Kaepernick Named Man of the Year by GQ — For Trashing Police and Kneeling During Anthem

GQ Magazine published their Man of the Year Award edition on Monday.

It’s far left idiot Colin Kaepernick!

What a disgrace.

Colin Kaepernick and the liberal media changed America forever with their protest against the military, police and US flag.
GQ believes this makes him a “New American Hero.”

Asshat Stephen Colbert was also honored.

Kaepernick started his kneeling protests in response to Black Lives Matter — a violent far left group responsible for destroying dozens of businesses and behind several dead police officers.

The Black Lives Matter movement was created after Mike Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri after robbing a store, assaulting a business owner, beating a cop and reaching for his gun.

The Far Left media supports this.
They hate America.


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