Conyers’ Attorney Lashes Out at Pelosi: ‘She Sure as Hell Will Not Pressure Him to Resign’

John Conyers’ attorney lashed out at Pelosi on Thursday after she called for the embattled lawmaker to resign amid sexual harassment allegations.

Conyers “sure as hell” won’t be pressured into resigning, says the Democrat lawmaker’s attorney.

Via Fox News:

Embattled Rep. John Conyers “sure as hell” will not be pressured into resigning, a lawyer for the 88-year-old Michigan congressman vowed Thursday, just an hour after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said he should step down amid sexual harassment allegations.

“Pelosi did not elect the congressman and she sure as hell will not pressure him to leave,” Conyers’ attorney Arnold Reed said.

The attorney went on to allude to a perceived double standard, noting that Sen. Al Franken, who is the subject of mounting sexual harassment complaints, has not been the subject of similar calls from within the Democratis Party.

 “At the end of the day, I would suspect Pelosi would have to explain the difference between Franken and Conyers,” Reed said.

In a Thursday morning press conference, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi bitterly called on embattled Rep. John Conyers to resign amid a deluge of sexual harassment allegations.

“Congressman Conyers should resign following serious, disappointing, and very credible allegations,” Pelosi told the press.

House Speaker Paul Ryan also called on Conyers to resign immediately in a press conference Thursday.

“No one should have to go through something like that let alone here in Congress, so yes I think he should resign. He should resign immediately,” said Ryan.
Ryan and Pelosi are only now calling for Conyers to resign because of the public outrage. They were well aware of his behavior and did nothing about it for years.
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