CNN Sadly Admits Air Force Hate Crime was “Unfortunately” Faked (Video)

The liberal media went crazy in September after five black students reported racial slurs posted outside their dormitory rooms at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria’s delivered a powerful speech after the reports to all 4,000 cadets at the academy denouncing racism.
It was viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

But it was another fake hate crime.
A black kid did it.

CNN admitted on Thursday the the much reported Air Force hate crime was a hoax by a black student at the academy.


The CNN reporter said it was unfortunate: After a month long investigation officials at the school now say it was all a hoax perpetrated by one of the black students… The speech still stands, the words ring true it’s just unfortunate to learn who wrote it.

Apparently they were upset they could not use the latest fake hate crime to attack white people.
Via Reddit The Donald:

For the record– Air Force Social Justice Warrior, General Silveria, stands by his earlier lecture.

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