BREAKING: Judge Ray Moore Back on Top of Ultra-Liberal Doug Jones in PredictIt Market

Judge Roy Moore is once again leading ultra-liberal Democrat Doug Jones in the PredictIt Market.

Via PredictIt:

Before the Washington Post story broke last week, Roy Moore was almost a lock to win at 89 percent in PredictIt’s Alabama Senate race prediction market. After the allegations surfaced, Moore’s odds dropped to 59 percent that day. He remained a slight favorite over Doug Jones, who also saw a significant bump on the news, until Monday when a fifth woman came forward with allegations against Moore.

As of Monday afternoon, for the first time in the race, PredictIt traders had Doug Jones in the lead at 47 percent to Moore’s 38 percent. Moore has since regained some ground though he still trails in the prediction market.

But as of Saturday afternoon Conservative Republican Roy Moore is back up on top of Doug Jones in the Alabama race.

Moore now leads in the PredictIt market 52 to 49.

That is a 14 point jump in ONE WEEK!

Here is how the race stands:


It didn’t help Owens when the main accuser’s story fell apart and her attorney refuses to turn over a forged yearbook to neutral authorities for analysis.

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