Report: Donna Brazile is “Finished” and Will “Never Get a Job” Again After Ratting Out DNC (VIDEO)

Former interim Chairwomen of the DNC Donna Brazile rocked the political world last week after she dropped a bombshell revealing the underbelly of the DNC, exposing Hillary’s dirty tricks to secure the nomination.

Brazile admits in her new book that the Democrat primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.
This follows Wikileaks emails released last year that also revealed the .

But Brazile’s admissions are not making her friends inside the Democratic Party.

Author Ed Klein says “she’s finished” and will “never get a job” again.

Ed Klein: You know, Donna Brazile has been trying to redeem herself ever since that leak and she sees the locus of the party shifting to the left. I think this is one of her efforts to make common cause, if you will, with the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. I think it’s boomeranged on her however because the entire party is now coming down on her saying this is not the time to hang our dirty linen when we need to coalesce… Donna Brazile, according to my sources, Barack Obama says she’s finished in the Democratic Party. She’ll never get a job.

Via FOX and Friends:


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