Arrogant #NeverTrump Hack Who Urged Christians to Abandon Trump Is Now Urging Christians to Abandon Roy Moore

“O ye, of little faith”

David French is a #NeverTrump hack who urged Christians to NOT vote for Donald Trump.

That didn’t work out so well.
Despite David’s spiritually inspired work against Donald Trump eighty percent of white evangelical voters voted for Donald Trump in the November election.

Well Preacher Dave was back at it today.
Mr. French called on Christians to abandon Judge Roy Moore over unproven allegations from an incident by a woman with a record of serial sexual accusations that reportedly happened 38 years ago.


David French urged evangelicals to abandon Judge Roy Moore.

Thank you David French for your selfless spiritual guidance.
Where would we be without your wise direction?

Thank you David.
We are so grateful you know the truth behind these scurrilous accusations against Roy Moore.

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