WOW! Islamic Terrorist Behind Miami Bomb Plot Is Honduran and Deranged Anti-Trumper (Video)

Vicente Solano is an immigrant from Honduras who lives in Miami.
Solano recently converted to Islam.

On Friday he was arrested for attempting to blow up the local Dolphin Mall.

The ISIS- inspired Islamist is a Honduran citizen and crazed Trump-basher.

Solano made pro-Islamic State videos and was a huge Trump-basher like Jeff Flake.

Police released details on Solano’s motives this week and it appears the Honduran is a typical unhinged Trump basher.

7 News Miami reported:

As for his motive, the FBI reports Solano expressed anger over foreign and domestic policies that made him feel excluded because of his temporary immigration status.

The FBI cites a recording they said was created by Solano wearing all black and standing by an ISIS flag, in which he said, “The racist president who is a supremacist — white, who does not like Blacks, does not like the Chinese, he does not like the Muslims, he doesn’t like the Hispanics. He does not like anybody. They are indeed murderers, genocidists, invaders of this country who came to this country to kill all of the Indians. They abolished them, and now they’re telling us to get out of here. They are the ones who have to leave. (Expletive) that. In the name of Allah and our leader, Abu, we are going to defeat you.”

Sounds like typical far left drivel pushed by the far left mainstream media.

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