He Went There… Donald Trump Jr. Trolls Hillary Clinton on Her Birthday

He went there.

Donald Trump Jr. outdid himself on Thursday when he trolled Hillary Clinton with an epic ‘Happy Birthday’ tweet.

The Gateway Pundit reported the breaking news Wednesday night–the Justice Department FINALLY lifted the gag order on the FBI informant who worked on the Uranium One scandal.

Secret informant can speak to Congress!


Conservatives set social media ablaze celebrating the good news.

Coincidentally, this good news practically fell on Hillary Clinton’s birthday, prompting many people to troll her.

Don Jr. upped the ante on his trolling Thursday when he sent out a ‘Happy Birthday’ tweet to Hillary Clinton. He attached a FOX News alert reporting the gag order had been lifted from the FBI informant who witnessed Hillary’s Uranium One treachery. He even gave Hillary a little birthday cake emoji.

The tweet immediately went viral.

Gateway Pundit founder and Editor-in-Chief Jim Hoft sent Hillary a ‘Happy Birthday’ tweet Wednesday night. Hoft tweeted a picture of a smiling Victoria Toensing holding up the lifted gag order and the caption read, “Hey – Informant’s Lawyer just got gag order lifted by – It’s getting Real, Hill! Happy Birthday Tomorrow!”

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