Video: Protester Inside Capitol ‘Got Very Close’ to Trump as He Threw Russian Flags at President

A protester ‘got very close’ as he threw Russian flags at President Donald Trump as he walked though the Capitol Building with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) on his way to a lunch meeting on tax legislation with Republican senators.

CBS News posted a video clip of Trump and McConnell walking as the flags were thrown. A voice can be heard yelling about “treason”.

Security at the scene was apparently quite lax as the protester had clear aim at the President and it was several seconds before any apparent reaction took place.

Erica Werner with the AP posted a photo of one of the flags, “Protester ID’d self as Ryan Clayton from Americans Take Action got very close to Trump and threw these flags at him”

Photo of the protester after the flag-throwing.

Kasie Hunt on MSNBC said the area was secured with ID checks but that the protester infiltrated the press area.

Note: Democratic staffers could have aided the protester as Democrat staffers have done in the past facilitating the Leftist group Code Pink to protest Republicans on the Hill.

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