“Tick Tock” Sean Hannity Warns of Imminent Bombshell Story **Updated**

Fox News’ Sean Hannity hinted that another bombshell story is on the horizon from his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Hannity tweeted, “Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock.”

On October 16th, Hannity tweeted out his famous “tick tock tomorrow” warning.


The very next day John Solomon of The Hill and Sara Carter of Circa News published devastating reports about the FBI’s involvement in the Uranium One scandal.

Sara Carter and John Solomon both appeared on Hannity’s show and hinted that there is much much more coming out about the Hillary-Uranium One scandal.

On Monday John Solomon from Circa News told Sean Hannity the FBI has emails, audio and video tapes by a US agent of Russian efforts to win favor with the Clintons in the Uranium One scandal.

Washington DC Lawyer Victoria Toensing Dropped This Bomb on Hannity Tuesday night

President Obama received information on Russia’s criminal plot to corner the market on uranium in his daily briefings.
Yet the Obama administration approved the sale of one-fifth of American uranium to the Russians anyway!

The Gateway Pundit will update on this bombshell story as information becomes available.

Update: BREAKING: The FBI informant in the Obama-Clinton Uranium One scandal has been cleared to testify before Congress!


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