Russian Flag Thrower Ryan Clayton Was Already On Capitol Watch List

It was revealed today that the “protestor” who shouted and then proceeded to throw Russian flags at President Trump was on the Capitol watch list.

This is not the first time the unhinged Clayton has made the news for his unhinged and sometimes violent stunts. Previously, Clayton verbally assaulted a young female journalist – stalking her for blocks in Washington, D.C.

Today, a protester threw Russian flags at President Donald J. Trump as he walked by. This man, identified as Ryan Clayton, was the same protester who handed out Russian flags at CPAC earlier this year. He is also the same man who verbally assaulted a young female journalist, chasing her down the streets of Washington DC. Watch the video below, but I must warn you, it is not for the feint of heart:

Posted by James O'Keefe on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Clayton also broke into a Friends of Abe (a conservative club that meets monthly) and attempted to record attendees (against club rules) while shouting vulgarities. At that specific event, a Gateway Pundit reporter (me) just happened to be one of the attendees and was able to remove his video device and then wrestle him down so that other attendees could remove him from the venue.

Well now, FOX News has confirmed that this mentally unstable liberal has been on the Capitol watch list for a while:

The liberal protester who earlier this week infiltrated a group of reporters in a secure area of the Capitol, tossed mini-Russian flags and shouted “treason” at President Trump had been on a watch list before Tuesday’s incident, Fox News has learned.

The protester was identified as Ryan Clayton, an activist from an anti-Trump group who was later arrested and charged with unlawful conduct.

The U.S. Capitol Police Board is conducting an internal investigation into how someone without a press credential – and on a watch list – was able to slip into the secure area and get so close to the president.

“This was a monumental f—up,” a senior congressional security source told Fox News.

Clayton has been on a “watch list” kept by the Capitol Police, a source said, and was denied entry to the complex earlier that day when an officer recognized him at the Russell Senate Office Building.

But later on, officers in a tunnel leading to the Capitol did not check his ID to see if he had a pass or badge, the source said. He used an outdated visitor’s pass to enter the Capitol through a tunnel connecting the Rayburn House Office building. After clearing the security checkpoint, he made his way outside the Senate chamber, where he blended in with credentialed congressional reporters and stood just feet away from Trump.

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