Political Legend Roger Stone Needs Help Raising Funds to Fight the Swamp Creatures

Conservative political legend Roger Stone is under attack by the political establishment in America and is facing baseless claims of collusion with Russia on behalf of President Trump, and he is currently seeking help financing his legal defense fund.

Roger Stone, a steadfast, loyal, and patriotic supporter of President Trump, continues to face countless allegations of being a “traitor” for having supposedly “colluded” with the Russians to help Donald Trump win the presidency. This could not be further from the truth.

On top of this, former Obama administration officials filed a defamatory federal lawsuit against Stone and the Trump for President campaign, using baseless allegations of collusion with the Russian state to tarnish Stone’s reputation, which you can read here.

Due to the expensive nature of fighting a smear campaign like the one Stone is currently facing, he is asking for help to “punch back” against the left-wing assault on patriots. Stone has setup a website, cleverly and hilariously dubbed “Who Framed Roger Stone” (a play on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”) to help allocate the funds necessary to win the battle against the Swamp.


The site states:

Fighting back against all of these attacks is expensive. Roger has no choice but to take on the legal expense of fighting both of these efforts to smear him. Roger and his family need your help to punch back. Please donate to the effort to clear Roger’s name and prove all those who are still crying over the election of our President wrong.

Please consider helping Mr. Stone fight back against the Swamp creatures.

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