Paul Krugman Gets Locked Out from Facebook – Blames RUSSIAN BOTS!

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman, who is virtually wrong about everything he writes, was locked out of his Facebook account Friday for ‘unusual activity’.

Naturally, he complained about so-called Russian bots running rampant on Facebook.

Krugman tweeted, “So, I just started using Facebook — and was just locked out for “unusual activity”; can’t get back in until they’ve reviewed my photo 1/”


According to the paranoid Paul Krugman there are Russians under every bed. He then tweeted, “No idea what this is about, but seems strange to have a system that gives free rein to Russian bots but clamps down hard on US columnists 2/”

“OK, Facebook has apparently decided that I’m a real person again. It’s here: Just reposted the last tweetstorm”

Funny how Krugman complains about Russian bots spreading fake news on social media since he tweeted out that there was a cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico and blamed Trump. The tweet is STILL UP.

Then he admits there is no cholera epidemic…

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