A Note to Gateway Pundit Readers and Supporters on Today’s Liberal Media Assault

2016 was a very good year for The Gateway Pundit, for Donald J. Trump and for America.

An early 2017 study found The Gateway Pundit Was 4th Most Influential Right-Leaning Media Outlet during last year’s election. 

The Columbia Journalism Review published the research article in March entitled “Study: Breitbart-led Right-wing Media Ecosystem Altered Broader Media Agenda” that reported these conclusions.


Only Breitbart, The Hill and FOX News were more influential to conservative audiences.

Conservative Americans sought out trusted online media outlets for their news.

Liberals trusted old media outlets that carried water for Hillary Clinton.

On the night of November 9th 2016 informed Gateway Pundit readers were not the ones in tears.

Another analysis of the 2016 Presidential election was published in September by Harvard University.
The Gateway Pundit was again listed as one of the most shared media sources on the right in 2016.

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University recently released their report entitled, “Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election”.  In the Executive Summary of the report they state the following:

In this study, we analyze both mainstream and social media coverage of the 2016 United States presidential election. We document that the majority of mainstream media coverage was negative for both candidates, but largely followed Donald Trump’s agenda: when reporting on Hillary Clinton, coverage primarily focused on the various scandals related to the Clinton Foundation and emails. When focused on Trump, major substantive issues, primarily immigration, were prominent. Indeed, immigration emerged as a central issue in the campaign and served as a defining issue for the Trump campaign.

We find that the structure and composition of media on the right and left are quite different. The leading media on the right and left are rooted in different traditions and journalistic practices. On the conservative side, more attention was paid to pro-Trump, highly partisan media outlets. On the liberal side, by contrast, the center of gravity was made up largely of long-standing media organizations steeped in the traditions and practices of objective journalism.

Of course, coming out of Far Left Harvard, the individuals who released the study ignore the fact that honest conservative media outlets like this one were created exactly because the Far Left leaning mainstream media (MSM) is nothing more than ‘highly partisan’ political talking heads for the globalist Democrat Party agenda.

The Harvard Study presents some interesting results.  The Gateway Pundit was one of the most popular conservative media outlets during the election.

The article also shows the relationship that conservative outlets maintained with each other during the election as noted in in the chart below showing Facebook shares:

This study is very similar to the study published in the Columbia Journalism Review which was funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations U.S. Program.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Since these studies were first published at the beginning of 2017 The Gateway Pundit has been under constant assault by liberal critics targeting our advertisers, our social media, our online traffic, and our reputation.

On Monday morning at 4 AM a Gateway Pundit reporter misidentified the Las Vegas shooter as the husband instead of the boyfriend of Marilou Danley.
The post was up for less than 10 minutes at 4 AM and was pulled offline.

The Gateway Pundit correctly identified the shooter two hours later as Stephen Paddock with photos hours before most media outlets.

However, because of our recent success, Media Matters tracks every Gateway Pundit post – even at 4 AM and made our mistake their post of the day.

And then Media Matters pushed the story out to liberal mainstream outlets across the country to sully our good name.

Salon, Think Progress, The Washington Post, Right Wing Watch, GQ and dozens of other far left outlets trashed The Gateway Pundit for our 4 AM post.

It is quite shocking that The Washington Post of all media outlets would attack The Gateway Pundit after their embarrassing year of fake news and glaring mistakes.

This is how the far left works to destroy the right.
Some jackass waits up all night to track a rare Gateway Pundit error for the 5-10 minutes it is posted at 4 AM, Media Matters then posts the story and distributes it to all of the mainstream media outlets, and you know the rest.

Thanks to Cassandra Fairbanks at Big League Politics for her defense.

Lucian Wintrich responded to GQ today.

And thanks to The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich and Infowars reporter Jack Posobiec for their defense of our news outlet.

Here is Lucian and Jack from earlier today.

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