Julian Assange: “Democrats Are on the Path to Oblivion” with Their “Collective Psychosis”

On Wednesday WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Wednesday that he had rebuffed a request for help last year from the head of a data firm that worked for Donald J. Trump.

Very #FakeNews CNN took the story and then turned it into “the most devastating proof yet that Donald Trump colluded with Wikileaks.”

Julian Assange called out #FakeNews CNN for misleading the public again.

Assange wasn’t through.
He followed it up with this epic tweet:

Julian Assange: How the hell does the story ’emails show WikiLeaks refused to have anything to do with Cambridge Analytica’ get turned into ‘The most devastating proof yet that Trump colluded with WikiLeaks’. Democrats are on the path to oblivion with this collective psychosis.

Boy, did he nail it!

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