Judicial Watch: FBI Interview With Hillary Clinton Was “Friendly” – They Talked About Pregnancy and Babies (VIDEO)

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch read through Hillary Clinton’s memoir What Happened and broke down what was fact from what was fiction.

We know that the FBI didn’t put Hillary Clinton under oath as they casually interviewed her for 2.5 hours last year.

Judicial Watch reported that according to Hillary’s memoir What Happened, one of her lawyers was pregnant at the time so a large portion of this interview was taken up by discussing babies.

Judicial Watch attorney Michael Bekesha sat down with Carter Clews to discuss Hillary’s memoir What Happened.

Bekesha says that although Hillary Clinton wasn’t technically under oath in her interview with the FBI, she can still get in trouble for lying to the FBI.

Apparently the FBI only interviewed Hillary for 2.5 hours and casually discussed pregnancy and babies because Clinton’s lawyer was pregnant at the time.

“…But the interview was only 2.5 hours long, and she says in her book that a good chunk of that time, one of her attorneys was pregnant at the time so they were talking about babies for a while,” Bekesha said.

“…It was a friendly interview with some questions. It would be great to know what questions they asked her,” Bekesha continued.

The FBI treated Hillary Clinton with kid gloves the entire time. They even politely asked her to turn over her blackberry initially rather than use search warrants.

Of course they were discussing things other than Hillary Clinton’s emails because James Comey decided to exonerate Hillary and hand out immunity before he interviewed her and seventeen other witnesses.

The entire investigation was a charade. Comey and Hillary should be thoroughly investigated and brought to justice.

Video via Judicial Watch:

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