ISIS Sympathizer Is Convicted of Plotting To Behead Conservative Star Pamela Geller

ISIS sympathizer David Wright was found guilty on all charges for plotting to behead conservative blogger Pamela Geller.

Convert Daoud Wright wanted to die as a martyr in the attack.

The Boston Herald reported:


A Massachusetts man was convicted Wednesday of plotting to behead conservative blogger Pamela Geller and kill other Americans on behalf of the Islamic State group.

Jurors found David Wright guilty of all charges, including conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries.

The 28-year-old faces up to life in prison.

Prosecutors said Wright, his uncle and a third man conspired to kill Geller because they were upset she organized Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas in 2015. During the contest, two other men opened fire outside and wounded a security guard before they were killed in a shootout with law enforcement assigned to guard the event.

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** Pamela Geller wrote about the verdict today.

Pamela Geller is a leading conservative and top anti-Islamist activist in America.
This brave woman has been threatened by Islamists for years.

Sadly, Paul Joseph Watson is right.

By the way… Pamela Geller has a wonderful new book for sale.

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