Did ‘ISIS Supporter’ Recently Scope Out Manhattan Attack Site? (PHOTO)

Terror expert Rita Katz posted a photo of an ‘ISIS supporter,’ recently taking a photo close to the area of the Lower Manhattan attack. Although ISIS has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack at this time, Katz called the photo “noteworthy.” The photo raises an important question, did ISIS scope out the attack site?

Credit: Rita Katz

Credit: Rita Katz

“After  attack, no claims by any terrorist group. However, attack style (use of truck) fits style of an -inspired attack,” tweeted Katz.

As Katz points out, ISIS regularly called for attacks in New York City using trucks.

Multiple people were shot in Manhattan Tuesday after a man driving a truck ran over pedestrians.

The suspect was screaming, “Allahu Akbar!” during the attack.

One suspect is in NYPD custody.


Here is video of the suspect running from police after crashing his truck into a school bus.

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